Eedris Abdulkareem Hits Back at Burna Boy's Alleged Death Wish with Music Response

Eedris Abdulkareem Hits Back at Burna Boy's Alleged Death Wish with Music Response

In response to Burna Boy's controversial remarks allegedly wishing him dead, Nigerian singer Eedris Abdulkareem has penned a poignant essay directed at his colleague. Abdulkareem took to Instagram to express his dismay at Burna Boy's reported sentiments, labeling them as "truly saddening and very disappointing."

In his own words, Abdulkareem wrote:

"Wishing me or any other person dead is truly saddening and very disappointing. Making fun of my health crisis and blaming people who helped to keep me alive is very shameful. Threatening my life is a different ball game, but for you to play God? That’s the most nauseating foul prank of all time."

Abdulkareem condemned Burna Boy's behavior, emphasizing the seriousness of making light of someone's health struggles and questioning individuals who offered support during his time of need. He stressed the gravity of threatening another person's life and likened Burna Boy's actions to assuming the role of God, describing it as irresponsible and unacceptable.

The public backlash prompted Burna Boy to reportedly delete his alleged remarks. In response, Abdulkareem announced his plan to address Burna Boy's actions through music, teasing an upcoming single titled "Essay to Burna Boy," slated for release in two weeks.

As anticipation builds for Abdulkareem's musical response, the incident underscores the power of music as a platform for social commentary and personal expression. Stay tuned for further developments as Abdulkareem prepares to deliver his heartfelt response through his music.

Eedris Abdulkareem has reignited his feud with Burna Boy, following comments made by the latter regarding his journey in the music industry. In an excerpt from an unreleased episode of the popular podcast "The Honest Bunch," Abdulkareem criticized Burna Boy's assertion that his senior colleagues did not pave the way for his success.

Burna Boy had previously stated that he received little support from established artists in the Nigerian music scene, claiming they were too preoccupied with their own agendas. In response, Abdulkareem condemned Burna Boy's remarks as "stupid talk," prompting Burna Boy to retaliate by accusing Abdulkareem of ingratitude towards those who supported him during his health crisis last year.

In a now-deleted post on Instagram, Abdulkareem acknowledged the contributions made towards his medical expenses but took a swipe at Burna Boy, suggesting that no amount of financial assistance could remedy his perceived character flaws.

The animosity between the two artists dates back to 2020 when Abdulkareem publicly criticized Burna Boy and bestowed the title of "Odogwu" upon Davido instead. This latest altercation underscores the ongoing tension within the Nigerian music industry, particularly between established figures and rising stars.

Abdulkareem's remarks serve as a reminder of the complexities and rivalries that exist within the entertainment industry, highlighting the personal and professional dynamics at play. As the feud continues to unfold, fans await further developments in this ongoing saga.

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