Teen Found Sitting Outside Mortuary 8 Days After Drowning Incident

Teen Found Sitting Outside Mortuary 8 Days After Drowning Incident

In Douala, Cameroon, a startling incident occurred outside CEBEC hospital's mortuary, where a crowd gathered after a teenager, whose body had been deposited there after drowning, was discovered sitting outside over a week later.

Reports reveal that the 17-year-old had drowned in a pool at Bellevue Hotel on Sunday, Jan. 28, and his body was subsequently taken to the mortuary. Shockingly, eight days later, mortuary attendants found him seated in a chair outside, wearing a white robe and underwear, contrary to being naked when deposited in the mortuary.

The head mortician, Louis Maries Mbella, recounted being alerted by a security guard about the unexpected sight. Despite attempts to communicate with the teenager, named Poupog Kevin, he remained unresponsive.

Eyewitnesses claimed to have heard Kevin murmur the words "Anne you promised me," adding to the eerie atmosphere surrounding the event. However, Kevin's mother, Catherine Kouete, expressed disbelief, questioning how her son could move or speak after a week in the mortuary.

The chief mortician acknowledged similar occurrences in the past, attributing them to unexplained phenomena. Traditional rites were performed, and Kevin's clothing was burned before his body was returned to the mortuary, further deepening the mystery surrounding the incident.

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