Actress Laide Bakare reveals why she can't go back to any of her former relationships

Actress Laide Bakare reveals why she can't go back to any of her former relationships

In an exclusive conversation with Legit, actress Laide Bakare delved into the intricacies of her personal journey, shedding light on her decision to refrain from revisiting past relationships. With a sense of clarity and conviction, Bakare articulated her contentment with her current life trajectory, one meticulously crafted to align with her aspirations.

Bakare disclosed, "I now have the life I wanted. Something I designed for myself. I foresaw the future." This statement echoes a sentiment of empowerment, indicating a proactive approach to shaping her own destiny.

Reflecting on her past romantic entanglements, Bakare candidly recounted a pivotal experience where she found herself stifled and constrained. She revealed, "I tried another relationship and that one wouldn’t let me work. I couldn’t even step out of the gate of the house." This revelation unveils the sacrifices she made in pursuit of love, highlighting the challenges she encountered in maintaining her autonomy.

Despite the complexities of her past, Bakare expressed gratitude for the two sons she shares with her former partner, acknowledging their profound significance in her life. "My children are my life, they are the reason I am working so hard," she affirmed, underscoring the unwavering devotion she holds for her family.

While Bakare remains open to the possibility of future companionship, she remains resolute in her commitment to self-fulfillment and personal growth. "Never say never but sometimes, it is what you want that you work towards," she remarked, encapsulating a philosophy rooted in self-determination.

Looking ahead to the golden years, Bakare exudes a sense of anticipation, envisioning a future filled with purpose and vitality. "I know that maybe with old age, one may want to have a partner to gist with but with the plans I have for myself, my old age would not be boring," she declared, radiating optimism for the adventures that lie ahead.

In essence, Bakare's narrative serves as a testament to the power of resilience and self-discovery, inspiring others to embrace their own paths with courage and conviction.

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