Asake Opens Up About Olamide's Advice to Leave His Girlfriend

Asake Opens Up About Olamide's Advice to Leave His Girlfriend

Singer Asake has shared a revealing anecdote about his past relationship dynamics, shedding light on a pivotal moment when his boss, Olamide, offered him advice. According to Asake, after receiving a substantial payment, he generously gifted his then-girlfriend N2 million. To his astonishment, she not only rejected the gesture but also demanded more money.

Feeling perplexed by the situation, Asake confided in Olamide, who counseled him to part ways with his girlfriend and redirect the funds to his mother. Trusting his boss's judgment, Asake followed the advice, and it proved to be a wise decision.

Reflecting on the incident, Asake recounted, "When I made my first big paycheck from music, I shared the news with my girlfriend. I gave her full details and gifted her 2 million naira. To my surprise, she turned it down, claiming it was insufficient. I was taken aback, considering her modest background."

Grateful for Olamide's guidance, Asake expressed relief at his decision, as the money sent to his mother enabled her to establish a successful provision store. With his mother's financial stability secured, Asake no longer faces the burden of frequent monetary requests from her.

This revelation offers a glimpse into Asake's personal journey and the invaluable advice that shaped his decisions, illustrating the impact of mentorship and familial support in navigating life's challenges.

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