Filmmaker Segun Ogungbe Celebrates Birthday Amid Marital Controversy

Filmmaker Segun Ogungbe Celebrates Birthday Amid Marital Controversy

Renowned Yoruba filmmaker Segun Ogungbe recently celebrated his birthday, drawing attention not only to the occasion but also to his marital situation. Ogungbe, known for his contributions to Nollywood, marked his special day with both of his wives, Omowunmi and Atinuke, alongside their children and friends. The celebration, organized by Omowunmi, his second wife, featured the presence of numerous Nollywood stars.

Online reports highlighted Ogungbe's decision to follow in the footsteps of his late uncle, actor Akin Ogungbe, who reportedly had 20 wives and 50 children. This choice reportedly stemmed from a past controversy where Ogungbe was accused of impregnating Omowunmi, his wife's friend, back in 2015. However, Ogungbe refuted these claims, stating that the woman in question was a longtime girlfriend before his marriage and fabricated the story out of resentment.

Despite the past turmoil, Ogungbe expressed contentment with his current marital situation, emphasizing the peaceful coexistence between his wives. He dismissed rumors of discord and asserted that his household is characterized by understanding and harmony. Ogungbe concluded by asserting his right to privacy and urged others to respect his personal life.

The filmmaker's response sheds light on the complexities of managing personal matters in the public eye and underscores the importance of addressing rumors with clarity and patience.

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