Mohbad’s wife’s sister cries out to the Lagos Government to protect Omowunmi and Liam from cyberbullying (Video)

Mohbad’s wife’s sister cries out to the Lagos Government to protect Omowunmi and Liam from cyberbullying (Video)

Karimot, the sister of late singer Mohbad's wife Omowunmi, has made a heartfelt plea for assistance from the Ministry of Women Affairs and the Lagos Government to protect her sister. In a video circulating online, Karimot expressed deep concern over the unjust treatment Omowunmi and her son Liam are facing from internet trolls on social media.

Karimot called attention to the unwarranted curses and bullying directed at Liam, emphasizing that he has done nothing to deserve such treatment. She urgently appealed to the government to intervene and provide support for her sister, highlighting their lack of familial support in the face of mounting hostility.

Furthermore, Karimot urged trolls to refrain from passing judgment on Omowunmi before the judicial process is complete. She stressed the importance of awaiting the judge's verdict on Omowunmi's involvement in her husband's demise before casting any accusations.

Karimot disclosed that Omowunmi has become unreachable by phone, underscoring the gravity of the situation and the urgent need for assistance. She passionately pleaded for her sister's safety, insisting that nothing untoward should happen to Omowunmi before dawn breaks.

The plea from Karimot reflects the dire circumstances faced by Omowunmi and her family, underscoring the urgent need for government intervention to ensure their protection and well-being in the face of online harassment and threats.

Omowunmi recently spoke out in an Instagram live session, expressing deep concern for her and her son's safety in light of recent events. She questioned if Nigerians would permit a fate similar to her late husband Mohbad's to befall them, highlighting the daily threats to her life and the loss of her freedom.

Seeking justice for her husband's death, Omowunmi emphasized her determination to uncover the truth and hold accountable those responsible. She called for assistance in her quest for justice, refusing to stay silent until the truth is revealed.

Additionally, Omowunmi addressed her relationship with Mohbad's father, revealing pressure to have a child for his son and questioning his current behavior. She expressed concern about her father-in-law's actions and speculated on their potential impact on her son's perception.

During a Coroner's Inquest last year, Omowunmi recounted Mohbad's tumultuous relationship with his former label boss, Naira Marley. She alleged threats and financial instability resulting from Mohbad's request for a change in management, which left him with zero money in his account.

Omowunmi further disclosed details of her husband's decline in health, attributing it to discomfort following an injection administered by a nurse, leading to vomiting. These revelations shed light on the circumstances surrounding Mohbad's demise and raise questions about the events leading up to his death.


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