Nollywood Veteran Hafiz Oyetoro, Known as Saka, Reflects on His Acting Career and Life Journey

Nollywood Veteran Hafiz Oyetoro, Known as Saka, Reflects on His Acting Career and Life Journey

Renowned actor, comedian, and lecturer at Adeniran Ogunsanya University of Education in Lagos, Hafiz Oyetoro, popularly known as Saka, shares insights into his illustrious acting career and life experiences in an exclusive interview with EMMANUEL OJO.

Celebrating his 60th birthday, Oyetoro attributes his youthful appearance to God's grace and happiness derived from pursuing his passion in acting. Despite turning to acting unexpectedly, his journey has been fulfilling, marked by a contented family life.

Initially aspiring to become a pilot, Oyetoro's interest in acting blossomed during his schooling years, where he excelled in drama performances. His fascination with the arts grew stronger, leading him to pursue a career in acting at the university level.

Transitioning from science to arts due to challenges with mathematics, Oyetoro embraced comedy as his specialization within theatre arts. His expertise in comedy roles earned him recognition and opportunities to excel in the industry, culminating in his pursuit of a doctorate in Stand Up Comedy.

The moniker 'Saka' originated during the production of the television series "House Apart," where Oyetoro portrayed the character, sparking his rise to fame in the entertainment industry.

Despite his comedic persona, Oyetoro emphasizes the distinction between his on-screen character and his true self. As a lecturer, he maintains professionalism in the classroom, guiding students through the intricacies of theatre arts while embodying his role as an educator.

Oyetoro's ability to separate his personal identity from his theatrical roles underscores his versatility and dedication to his craft, contributing to his enduring success in Nollywood.

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