Writer Reno Omokri reveals why Moses Bliss married a woman from Ghana instead of Nigeria

Writer Reno Omokri reveals why Moses Bliss married a woman from Ghana instead of Nigeria

Controversial media personality Reno Omokri has expressed his views on why Nigerian gospel singer Moses Bliss opted to marry a woman from Ghana instead of his home country. Omokri highlighted his observations during a recent stay in Ghana, noting that Ghanaian women are generally easier to relate to compared to many women from Southern Nigeria.

Omokri emphasized that in Ghana, and in some other countries, women are capable of expressing love without expecting financial gain from men. He pointed out that this contrasts with the prevalent attitude in Southern Nigeria, where expressions of love are often associated with financial obligations. According to Omokri, this mentality leads to what he calls an "Industrial Money Obtainer culture" among Southern Nigerian women.

The media personality also speculated on the impact of visa restrictions on relationships. Omokri argued that if Nigeria had easier access to visas for other countries, there would likely be a surge in unmarried women within Nigeria. He suggested that Nigerian men, upon traveling within Africa and encountering women from countries where monetary considerations are less dominant, might develop a preference for such women over Nigerian women.

Omokri further called for a cultural reorientation, particularly among Southern Nigerian women, away from what he perceives as the excessive monetization of relationships. He criticized what he described as the suffocating level of commercialization of romance in Southern Nigeria and urged for a shift towards healthier attitudes towards love and relationships.

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