21-year-old Texas parents beat their 5-week-old twin girls to death.

21-year-old Texas parents beat their 5-week-old twin girls to death.

In a harrowing incident in Houston, Texas, 21-year-old parents Angelina Belinda Calderon and Fernando Vega are accused of fatally beating their five-week-old twin girls, Massail and Mirena Vega. The infants suffered severe bruises and fractures, indicating a violent assault. Calderon and Vega are now facing charges of injury to a child-serious bodily injury following autopsy results confirming the extent of the twins' injuries.

Houston police made the grim discovery while responding to an emergency call at the family's residence. Vega claimed to have found the babies unresponsive in their crib upon returning from dropping his mother off at work. Despite efforts to revive them, the infants could not be saved.

Pathologist Dr. Jesus Rico revealed that the twins sustained intentional injuries, including bruises, fractures, and signs of malnourishment, leading to their deaths from blunt force trauma, ruled as homicide.

While Calderon's family claims innocence, evidence suggests otherwise, with hints of a history of abuse by Vega towards Calderon. Both parents remain in custody awaiting further legal proceedings, leaving the community shocked and saddened by the tragedy, underscoring the crucial need to protect the most vulnerable members of society.

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