"Be Selective In Your Battles" Toyin Abraham Advocates Peace Hours After Defending Funke Akindele

"Be Selective In Your Battles" Toyin Abraham Advocates Peace Hours After Defending Funke Akindele

Nollywood star Toyin Abraham Ajeyemi, known for her roles in various films, including "Malaika," shared a poignant message promoting peace on her Instagram account. The actress, who is also a mother, recently defended her friend-turned-rival, Funke Akindele, on social media.

In a heartfelt video, Toyin Abraham encouraged her followers to prioritize peace and let go of burdens. She emphasized the importance of choosing battles wisely, suggesting that peace often outweighs the need to be right. According to her, unburdening oneself can lead to personal growth and benefits.

Her message resonated with many, evident from the supportive comments flooding her post. Fans and followers expressed agreement with her sentiments, applauding her stance on maintaining peace.

Toyin Abraham's advocacy for peace amid conflicts reflects a growing trend of celebrities using their platforms to spread messages of positivity and unity.

Gboah reported that actress Toyin Abraham came to the defense of her colleague, Funke Akindele, after a troll attempted to ridicule her on social media. Toyin had joyfully shared a video of her husband's visit to her on set, affectionately captioning it "Oko mi, olowo ori mi came to visit me onset." However, a troll decided to inject negativity by suggesting that Funke Akindele should recreate the same scenario, seemingly alluding to her personal life challenges.

Refusing to tolerate such disrespect towards a fellow actress, Toyin Abraham promptly addressed the troll, firmly instructing them to remove their derogatory comment from her page. This act not only demonstrated Toyin's unwavering support for Funke but also underscored the importance of solidarity and mutual respect among colleagues in the entertainment industry. 

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