"Call me the 'Mummy of Abuja,'" Very Dark Man Mocks Bobrisky, Declares War on Cross-dressers.

"Call me the 'Mummy of Abuja,'" Very Dark Man Mocks Bobrisky, Declares War on Cross-dressers.

Controversial social activist Very Dark Man has stirred up a storm by announcing his intention to dress as a woman. He recently vowed to become a cross-dresser if the Nigerian Police Force failed to apprehend Bobrisky.

In a bold move to reinforce his stance, Very Dark Man referred to himself as a transgender in a social media post, urging followers to address him as the "mummy of Abuja." This deliberate choice of title appears to be a direct jab at Bobrisky, who identifies as the "mummy of Lagos" due to his cross-dressing persona.

This development signifies a deeper rift between the two personalities. Very Dark Man's post not only throws shade at Bobrisky but also sends a message to observers. The heart of the matter lies in Bobrisky's unabashed embrace of femininity despite Nigeria's stance against homosexuality.

The feud between Very Dark Man and Bobrisky predates Very Dark Man's incarceration. It initially erupted when Very Dark Man accused Bobrisky of engaging in illicit relationships with prominent figures, prompting a retaliatory attack from Bobrisky.

Although Very Dark Man extended an apology at one point, Bobrisky remained defiant, persisting in his verbal attacks even during Very Dark Man's imprisonment.

While Bobrisky has remained silent regarding Very Dark Man's recent provocations, the self-proclaimed activist has reignited the discourse. The question now lingers: Will Bobrisky respond to Very Dark Man's taunts?

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