Singer Mayorkun sues Nicki DaBarbie for defamation, seeking N1 billion in damages.

Singer Mayorkun sues Nicki DaBarbie for defamation, seeking N1 billion in damages.

Nigerian singer Mayorkun takes a significant step in response to influencer Nicki DaBarbie's damaging allegations. Mayorkun files a N1 billion lawsuit against Nicki, citing defamation of character and ritual accusations. This legal action stems from Nicki's public declaration accusing Mayorkun and Skiibii of attempting to involve her in occult practices.

In his defense, Mayorkun swiftly reacts by posting a formal letter addressing Nicki, demanding an immediate halt to her defamatory statements. In this letter, he vehemently denies any involvement in ritualistic activities and refutes all accusations made against him.

The legal proceedings take a decisive turn as Nicki DaBarbie is served with instructions to remove all offensive content related to the accusations from her social media platforms within 24 hours. Additionally, she is mandated to pay a substantial sum of N1 billion in damages, covering emotional distress, lost endorsements, and legal fees incurred by Mayorkun.

Furthermore, as part of the resolution, Nicki DaBarbie is required to issue a formal apology to Mayorkun across the same platforms where the defamatory statements were made. This apology serves to rectify the harm caused by her accusations and restore Mayorkun's reputation.

The unfolding legal battle underscores the gravity of defamation and the consequences faced by individuals who propagate false allegations. As the case progresses, it highlights the importance of accountability and integrity in the realm of social media discourse.

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