Toyin Abraham Extends Olive Branch to Mercy Aigbe, Celebrates Unity in Nollywood

Toyin Abraham Extends Olive Branch to Mercy Aigbe, Celebrates Unity in Nollywood

Actress Toyin Abraham has extended an olive branch to her colleague, Mercy Aigbe, in a heartfelt message emphasizing unity and mutual support within the Nollywood community. Abraham commends Aigbe for her recent accomplishments and the positive impact she has had on the portrayal of women in Nigerian cinema.

In her message, Abraham highlights the challenges of competition in the industry, acknowledging its divisive effects. She urges her peers to focus on celebrating each other's successes rather than engaging in unhealthy rivalry. Abraham emphasizes the importance of creating an environment where all professionals can thrive and contribute to the growth of Nollywood.

Addressing Aigbe directly, Abraham expresses admiration for her resilience and determination, particularly in Aigbe's successful debut as a filmmaker with "Ada Omo Daddy." She acknowledges Aigbe's role in inspiring and empowering women in the industry, praising her for rewriting the narrative of womanhood through her work.

Abraham concludes her message with a lighthearted promise to support Aigbe's future projects and expresses gratitude for her positive influence on the industry. The message reflects Abraham's commitment to fostering unity and collaboration among Nollywood artists for the betterment of the industry as a whole.

What Toyin Abraham Wrote:

"Today, I want to celebrate two people in Nollywood. Events in time past try to make us competitors and we all know how fierce competition can be in the industry. The competition often lead to people in the industry taking sides thereby creating ecosystem of competitors and tear-him or her Down syndrome. Please it is time we celebrate ourselves more rather than compete with ourselves. We need to create ecosystem of more successful people so we can all have more capability to create more successful people. @realmercyaigbe , I celebrate the woman that you are becoming. You came to the boxoffice in December as a first timer, and you proved your mettle. You gave it your all. You have contributed to the story of strong women in Nollywood. You made many women proud. Thank you for writing a better story for womanhood when the world is busy writing a different narrative about women. You are a bonafide star. If you come to cinema in December, I owe you one post (Lol, you know I need to sell market o). Thank you for not making the competition in December negative. May God bless you more. BTW, you are doing a wonderful job on Michelle and Juwon. And may God keep you and your family. With Love T!"

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