Actor Jigan Babaoja Slams Nigeria As He Shares The Treatment He Received In America

Actor Jigan Babaoja Slams Nigeria As He Shares The Treatment He Received In America

Nollywood actor Jigan Babaoja recently shared his thoughts on navigating life in America as a person with a disability. In a video posted online, Jigan is seen being assisted in a wheelchair by a woman upon his arrival in the United States, highlighting the support offered due to his leg condition.

Despite initial reluctance rooted in the Nigerian mentality of rejecting pity, Jigan expressed his growing appreciation for the assistance he received in the US. He noted the stark contrast between the treatment of disabled individuals in Nigeria and America, emphasizing that he had never seen a person with disabilities like himself walking alone without help in the US. This observation underscores the significant benefits of living in a society that prioritizes accessibility and support for people with disabilities.

Through his experience, Jigan Babaoja emphasized the importance of empathy and understanding in breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity. He remarked on the positive impact of such support systems and reflected on how they enhance the lives of disabled individuals, making daily activities more manageable and dignified.

In his own words, Jigan shared: "The real advantage of disability in another part of the world. Since I have been traveling, they offered me the option of getting a wheelchair because of my leg, but the Nigerian mentality of not wanting pity hasn’t left my head. Since being in the USA, I have never seen anyone like me walking alone without assistance. But in Nigeria, instead of helping, people would try to take advantage. This shows I’m actually a special being. Touchdown in Chicago. I think I’ll apply for SSI now."

Jigan's reflections bring to light the critical need for improved accessibility and societal support for disabled individuals globally.

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