An 11-year-old girl was rescued from her 'abusive uncle' in Abia

An 11-year-old girl was rescued from her 'abusive uncle' in Abia

Human rights activists, alongside members of the Abia State Police Command, have rescued an 11-year-old girl from what is described as an abusive situation in Aba. The child, who worked as a maid for her alleged abuser, was found to have sustained bruises on her body. Despite initial jubilation from locals over the rescue, the situation took a surprising turn when the girl claimed the injuries were accidental, expressing a desire to remain with her alleged abuser, who is not related to her.

Ochiegbu Marvelous, the Abia State Director of Behind Bars Initiative, revealed the details of the rescue on May 18, 2024. Despite the physical evidence of abuse, including bruises on the victim's body, both the alleged abuser and the girl maintained that the injuries were accidental.

The Behind Bars Initiative team, along with officers from the Abayi Police Division, faced challenges in convincing the girl to leave her alleged abuser's custody. Despite this, they succeeded in rescuing her and ensuring her return to her family in Amichi, Nnewi, Anambra State.

Marvelous expressed concerns over the circumstances surrounding the girl's living situation, questioning why a young man unrelated to her would keep her as a maid. He hinted at suspicions of foul play, suggesting the need for further investigation into the matter.

In light of the incident, Marvelous called for support from the government and citizens of Abia State to establish a rehabilitation center for abuse victims. He thanked his team, law enforcement officers, and other stakeholders for their efforts in ensuring the girl's rescue.

The officer leading the rescue operation was praised for his dedication to human rights and his willingness to go above and beyond, such as hiring transportation to aid in the rescue mission. The Behind Bars Initiative reaffirmed its commitment to serving humanity and called for continued support from the community.

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