Portable’s wife, Bewaji stirs reactions as she opens a new supermarket in her name

Portable’s wife, Bewaji stirs reactions as she opens a new supermarket in her name

Bewaji Zainab Badmus, the wife of the controversial Nigerian singer Portable, has stirred the internet by opening a new supermarket. Bewaji, a mother of two, shared congratulatory messages and a video clip of her new store, named Omobewaji Supermarket, on her Instagram story. Notably, she did not include Portable's name in the store's title.

This move sparked comments from netizens, some questioning if she wanted the singer to shut down her store, while others speculated that Portable had funded the supermarket.

Last month, there were signs of trouble in Portable and Bewaji's marriage as they unfollowed each other on Instagram. Bewaji had posted a cryptic message calling herself a queen and speaking about ungrateful people, which led to a public spat with Portable. He angrily claimed that she was nothing without his name, and she retorted that she had had enough and should not be pushed to the wall.

Previously, on her birthday, Portable had demanded respect from Bewaji after she described herself as the "Queen of Herself," threatening to kick her out of their home if she did not change the caption. Bewaji eventually complied, and Portable called her his Queen.

Despite these tensions, the couple reconciled in May, with Portable taking Bewaji to Nairobi, Kenya, where they shared affectionate videos online, showcasing their renewed relationship.

See Some reactions Below:

One Portable 01 wrote, “You no put Mrs Portable. Spiderman dey come with padlock

One Simlife Style wrote, “Na Portable still give her the money to open the supermarket

One Hi Ayii wrote, “Portable opened the shop for her, abeg no allow am lock the shop

One Rennie Of Lagos wrote, “Nah Portable open ham for her.

One Eji Spizzy wrote, “U wan put wahala for shop wey her husband open for her”.

One Ayo 3d wrote, “Supermarket wey Portable go soon mention for song

One Real By Darling wrote, “Bewaji Okiki supermarket I don arrange am

One Maryvenia wrote, “Portable go soon set ring light now

One Riyke wrote, “You wan make Portable close the shop abi?

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