"Stay Focused" Actress Funke Akindele Says Amid AMVCA 10 Snub.

"Stay Focused" Actress Funke Akindele Says Amid AMVCA 10 Snub.

Nollywood powerhouse Funke Akindele has broken her silence after being snubbed at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) 10. Despite being a three-time box office record-breaking actress, Akindele did not receive any awards at the event, leading to widespread discussion online.

Addressing the issue, Akindele shared a video on social media, showcasing her dazzling outfit from the award night. In the video, she wished her fans a happy Sunday and urged them to stay focused and positive amidst challenges. Using the hashtag #stayfocused and #staypositive, Akindele conveyed a message of resilience and determination.

This isn't the first time Akindele has faced disappointment at the AMVCA. In the past, she was also snubbed, despite being one of Nollywood's most acclaimed actresses. Despite this setback, Akindele remains undeterred, emphasizing that her success isn't solely defined by awards.

Akindele recently addressed her critics, highlighting her journey in the movie industry. Through a message shared on social media, she spoke about overcoming obstacles and pushing boundaries in Nigerian cinema. Akindele encouraged her followers not to give up on their dreams, emphasizing that her success is measured by the impact of her storytelling and the lives she touches rather than by accolades.

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