"There Is A Huge Price To Pay For Success As An Actor," Reveals Actor Dauda Sulaimon.

"There Is A Huge Price To Pay For Success As An Actor," Reveals Actor Dauda Sulaimon.

Actor Dauda Sulaimon, known as GIDA Bless, recently shared his journey and passion for acting in an interview with SEGUN ADEBAYO. Here’s a summary of his insights and experiences:

From Fan to Actor

GIDA Bless’s love for acting began with his admiration for the movie industry. He spent hours glued to African Magic, inspired by his idols like Femi Adebayo. This passion drove him to pursue acting right after university, turning a childhood dream into a successful career in Yoruba cinema.

Navigating Challenges

Transitioning between acting and filmmaking has been challenging for GIDA Bless, but he thrives on these challenges. He emphasizes the importance of evolving, learning, and putting in the effort to stay relevant. His dedication to the craft helps him overcome the demands of the industry.

Yoruba Cinema Focus

While some colleagues venture into English-speaking films, GIDA Bless remains committed to Yoruba movies. However, he is open to roles in English-speaking films and has taken such opportunities in the past. His focus remains on delivering exceptional performances, regardless of the language.

Overcoming Early Career Hurdles

GIDA Bless believes in gradual progress and hard work. He acknowledges the challenges faced early in his career but emphasizes that success requires patience and perseverance. His resilience has helped him build a thick skin and stay focused on his goals.

Thrills of Acting

For GIDA Bless, the joy of acting comes from interacting with diverse people and the opportunities it brings. He enjoys the fame and recognition, along with the chance to work on exciting projects. Endorsements, like his deal with Globacom, are a testament to his success and dedication.

Embracing Yoruba Culture

GIDA Bless incorporates the rich cultural heritage of Yoruba cinema into his work. He believes there is a global appetite for Yoruba culture, which informs many of his production decisions.

Significant Achievements

GIDA Bless feels he has achieved greatly in his career, with the industry supporting his livelihood. He takes pride in his work and the recognition he has earned over the years.

Upcoming Project: FEMI

GIDA Bless is working on a new project titled “FEMI,” a challenging and creative film about the rise and fall of a Casanova. Directed by Oladele Matti and featuring stars like Allwell Ademola and Jaiye Kuti, the film promises to be a significant addition to his portfolio. The premiere is scheduled for London.

GIDA Bless’s journey from a fan to a celebrated actor in Nollywood is marked by passion, hard work, and a commitment to his craft. His dedication continues to inspire his fans and peers alike.

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