Jide Kosoko breaks silence on how he became a polygamist.

Jide Kosoko breaks silence on how he became a polygamist.

Veteran Nollywood actor Prince Jide Kosoko recently opened up about his journey into polygamy and the challenges he faced after losing two wives within a year. In an interview with Punch, Kosoko shared that his home felt like a hotel with many people coming and going, which led him to seek companionship and eventually remarry.

Kosoko expressed his distress over accusations that he used his wives for money rituals, a rumor he attributes to Kemi Olunloyo and others aiming to tarnish his reputation. He stated that he relies on God to handle those who discredited him.

Kosoko recounted, "I have been blackmailed many times, but I sailed through. They have called me a ‘ritualist’ before, which means I am a murderer. Initially, I felt bad, but my skin is too thick for all that rubbish. Instead of feeling bad, I will go on my knees and pray to God to give His judgment."

He shared that becoming a polygamist wasn't his intention, despite his upbringing. Kosoko's father was a polygamist, but he didn't marry as many women. His first wife, Sola's mother, worked with Nigerian Customs, and because she was not involved in the entertainment industry, Kosoko would travel for months, which led to his decision to take a second wife. However, he lost both wives in 1992 and 1993.

Following their deaths, Kosoko decided not to remarry, although he had girlfriends. The situation nearly turned his home into a brothel until his doctor advised him to remarry, stating he was too young to be without a partner. Kosoko eventually married two women, Henrietta and Alhaja Bimbo, who were both close to him.

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