Nigerian Man Calls Out Ex for Marrying New Partner Despite Being Pregnant with His Child

Nigerian Man Calls Out Ex for Marrying New Partner Despite Being Pregnant with His Child

A heartbroken Nigerian man, identified as Ordinary Ibrahim on social media, has publicly cursed his ex-girlfriend after discovering she married another man while pregnant with his child. Ibrahim took to Facebook to share screenshots of their conversation, in which the woman confirmed her pregnancy.

Despite this, wedding photos of her with another man began circulating online, leaving Ibrahim deeply hurt and betrayed. Expressing his anguish, Ibrahim cursed both his ex-girlfriend and her new husband, wishing them ill luck in their marriage.

In his post, Ibrahim wrote:

“Dear Rukayat, I wish you nothing but bad in your new home. Your marriage will be destroyed, inshallah. You met me in February this year, and I promised to marry you. You said okay, and I introduced you to my parents. You told me you were pregnant in March. I was so happy with the good news. I left my work to come home so we could make proper arrangements. But when I came home because of you, you didn’t allow me to see you. You even changed your SIM card to avoid me after I told you I was home.

Since then, I couldn’t find you or know your whereabouts. On the 25th of March, we stopped talking, and the next thing I saw yesterday was your friend request. I accepted, and you sent me your wedding pictures, showing that you’ve been living with another man since you left me.

My question is, are you staying in another man's house while pregnant with my child for four months? I promise you, with this evil deed, even if I say nothing, God, who knows everything, will fight for me. After all I did for you, this is how you repay me. Your new home will be destroyed, inshallah. You shall not see peace. I don't know how to do bad things, but I will learn and do evil things to you. Just wait and see.”

This emotional outburst has sparked reactions online, with many empathizing with Ibrahim’s heartbreak and betrayal.

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