Man Becomes Internet Sensation After He Buys and Destroys 15 iPhone 7s Because The Seller Didn't Address Him Well [Pics & Video]

 A man in Thailand has become an Internet sensation after a video of him buying and destroying over 15 iPhones goes viral online.

The trouble all started when the man stepped into the store to buy an Iphone 7. The man whom didn't look genuinely interested in buying the device was asking a couple of questions about the phone when the attendant lost it and asked if he could afford the phone?
Watch the Video ==> HERE <==
This reported deeply angered the man who then smashed the phone on the table, paid and left the store. He returned the next day, this time he bought all the I-phones in the store and destroyed all of them. He then proceeded to give extra cash to the store owner before destroying the entire store.
At the end of the footage, he is seen leaving the store premises in a Roll Royce 'Ghost'.

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