See Photo Of The Nigerian Man That Shocked Everyone After He Dumbs His Banking Job For Plumbing

This pictured above Nigerian man, Bonire Abdulrahman Femi reveals growing up, he always dream of becoming an Army General, says he was very passionate about becoming an Army that he refused to write (JAMB) when he passed out of secondary school.

However, after several failed attempts to secure admission into the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA), he began to realize that he has to have several other realistic plans – like to become a successful entrepreneur.
The man, Bonire reveals, he had to let go of his military ambition and turned to plumbing which his father taught him.

He reveals after several attempts to promote his plumbing business after he graduated from University, he then secured job with an Insurance company and a Bank in quick succession but all along his dreams of becoming his own boss won't let him.
He has finally resigned from his Banking work and has went back fully into his plumbing business.


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