My Dead Sister Won't Allow Me Sleep, She Keeps Knocking On My Door Every Night - Woman Cries Out

A 29 year old woman known as Tendazi Mbedzi, has cried out that she can't sleep at night because her dead sister keeps coming around at night, knocking at her door.

The lady reveals, her older sister, 33 year old, Khathu Manavhela was killed by her boyfriend in August and reveals she has not find peace ever since because the dead lady keep knocking on her door every night and whenever she goes out to check who's knocking, she finds no one.

The lady then contacted a native doctor and was told that the person who knocks on her door at night is her dead sister. According to the native doctor, her dead sister is not happy with her as she wants her to find her killer who has been on the run since the incident.

The lady however confesses that she was there when her late sister's boyfriend shot her dead. Investigations on his whereabout has started at Tembisa Police Station.

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