Real Photo Of Man Who Ra*ped Neighbor's Goat To Death Surfaces Online Reveals Why He Did It

A man was nearly lynched to death by angry mob after he was caught ra*ping a goat, he says he had se*x with the animal because almost all the women he knew do reject him.

The young man identified as Gabrielle Simiyu was caught in the act by one of his neighbors late at night who had gone to call out other neighbors who came out in numbers to mob the man.

They alleged that was not the first time such act would be registered in the area, adding that the 26 year old had previously engaged in s*x acts with a cow and chicken.

The young man has however admitted having se*x with the animal but had pleaded for forgiveness.
He said: "I have a serious problem and need help. Every time I approach a girl she refuses and it really pains me.
I am appealing to well-wishers to take me to a doctor or a specialist so the problem I have can be identified."

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