OMG!!!Check out the mocking insult OAP Mayourspeaks Gives Eniola Badmus Makeup Artiste

OAP Mayourspeaks has said a lot of things about Eniola Badmus make up artiste;saying they make eniola fatter thaan she is;this is his post below;

Before you rush off to say I'm attacking this wonderful actress, read my caption over again. I am not attacking Eniola Badmus but sending out warning to her make up artist, the one who is bent on stopping Eniola's shine.

So I literally walked into Eniola's IG page and several headshots stood out and glared at me, ( Don't Say am Jobless oo ) but what can I do, My eyes cannot see and let go. As the Aproko master that I am, I decided to peruse some of these pictures, and I noticed that the talented actress looked so much fatter than she really is.

Her make up artist has this funny way of not blending her eye shadow and leaving them to look like two paths that will never meet. That trend died ages ago I'm sure, Surprised a male like me understands a little ethics about Make Up ? Don't worry, Story for another day.
The said MUA seems to have a special design for Eniola's brows, a very fat and unbecoming design I must say. Why na? She offend you?

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