Nigerian Singer Azadus Survives Coronavirus (Photos)

Nigerian Singer Azadus Survives Coronavirus (Photos)

Nigerian singer, Azadus has survived the feared COVID-19. Azadus reveals how he survived the virus while thanking the health workers and Lagos state team for taking great consideration of him during his time in the hospital.

He took to social media to share photos of him in the hospital receiving treatment for the virus.

"My Survivor story with Covid-19
Glory be to God I just got discharged of Covid-19.
Half bread is better than puff-puff
That garri in your house is far better than the good meals you won’t be able to eat at the hospital
My Advice,
If you must go out, see everyone as that COVID-19 itself and wash your hands for 40secs at the least.
Meanwhile, if you insist that Covid-19 is not real, Covid-19 is not in Nigeria or Africa, haaaaaaaaaa well, don’t be shy to ask me questions.
Please kindly say a word of prayer for @lagosstategovt
Under the our super caring Governor @jidesanwoolu
God bless" he wrote.

 "I give God all the Praise, I give Him all the Glory, I give Him all the Honor, I don’t worship Him as I should, I do what I shouldn’t but still, He Decided to be Gracious to me? Allahamdulilah Allahamdulilah Allahamdulilah

If u must go out today, my advice is that you see everyone and anyone as COVD-19, If you still don’t believe it exists, kindly ask me questions so I can share the horriblr experience God Graciously got me out of with you #Covid-19 issoreal"

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