R*pe Victim, Seyitan Reveals How She Was Kidnapped By Dbanj For 48 Hours.

R*pe Victim, Seyitan Reveals How She Was Kidnapped By Dbanj For 48 Hours.

In a press release on Tuesday, Miss Babatayo Seyitan shed more light on the accusation of r*pe against popular Nigerian singer, Dbanj, claiming she was apprehended and locked up in a police cell with criminals who violated laws.

Seyitan has made a public statement about her alleged r*pe and how D'banj and his team have threatened her since her statement came out.

She gave the course of events of occasions that have occurred since she came out freely with her assault story in Seyitan open proclamation.

She detailed that D'banj had been utilizing police to undermine her and kidnap her without defense for 48 hours.

In the public statement, Seyitan said on 22 June, she documented the criminal grievance at the Lagos Police Command Headquarters' Gender Desk in Ikeja.

She said the request had been held up after she ineffectively endeavored to hold up the equivalent at the Victoria Island Bar Beach Police Station on 6 June.

Seyitan Babalola has said a police officer defeated the endeavor.

On 16 June, when she was captured by four policemen and held in a cell for 48 hours, she discussed her predicament, similar to a criminal at Ikeja's Harold Sodipo Police Station

On her discharge, Seyitan Babalola was accused of no offense after police and D'banj group marked a stifler request.

The Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu has since requested an examination concerning her circumstance.

Likewise, to examine the case, the Lagos State Attorney-General additionally composed the Police Commissioner in Lagos.

On all that Seyitan Babalola said she has now been given the administrations of an Abuja law office to manage her case. Moreover, she expressed gratitude toward the individuals who assembled around her for helping her over the time.

Read the letter, as seen on Twitter:

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