Emotional Moment: Fans Cried After Reading #BBNaija Laycon's Tweet Mourning His Late Father.

Emotional Moment: Fans Cried After Reading #BBNaija Laycon's Tweet Mourning His Late Father.

Series of old tweets shared by Big Brother Naija Housemate, Laycon grieving his late father's death on the social networking site has stirred his fans' emotions.

The rapper, who lost his father in December 2017, in December 2019 penned a long tribute to his father packed with high and low emotions. The tweets contained everything he felt, his heartbreak, his successes and his failures.

He admitted that when he was alive he never had an intimate relationship with his father and the piece was the longest conversation he had ever had with him.


This tweets came to the fore as its twitter handler retweeted some of the tweets that hit his fans' hearts.

His tweet reads,

"You know this time in 2017, I was preparing to come check up on you again. I was gonna leave very early on the 9th of Dec to come see you. Cause the last time I saw you, you tried to talk to me but you couldn’t get the words out and I tried to make sense of what you wanted to say.

I had hoped you’d be able to tell me what it was you wanted to say when I got home. But 4am my bro called, and I just knew, he obviously didn’t call to check up on me. I refused to pick his call, then he called again and again. I know you know all these cause you were there.

I knew you’d left, there it is. We weren’t close, not really, but I miss you every day, I miss your smile, your jokes, the fact that you try to understand me but I was the one that kept my distance. And I miss your voice, I miss your stories, I miss your laughter.

Yeah I got a record deal, Put out a single, got on MTV base top ten chart, all in 2019. 2018 was rough though. But who am I kidding, u’re overseeing everything innit? Lol. u’re one tricky man, u’ve always been a tricky man. Look here, the past few months have been crazy though.

Then they wrapped you up, but guy you didn’t do shit. Like they put u in the ground nd were dumping dirt on you nd no one person moved to say stop that’s my Pops. I mean all I could do was look on nd in my head I was yelling at you to get up nd tell em to stop pouring dirt on you

I asked you to get up on that day but apparently that’s beyond your power. But look after Mum please, help me to take care of her please. I really need you to come through for me. If you need to go meet God or Allah or whoever is up there to beg, go do it please.

I’m loosing a lot of my energy and I need you to help me with that. Mum is kinda sick too… I’m gonna be very mad at you if anything happens to her. Like this are the things I need from you right now. Like this is the first time I’m asking you for anything since you left.

I feel like we’ll link up soon though. Iono y I feel dat way, bt it creeps in nd goes. Like obviously my days on earth get shorter everyday so our link up day gets closer everydayFace with tears of joy I’m nt suicidal though, Its jst tots. Dis is d longest conversation ive ad wit u in a long while.

Well… Rest In Peace Dad. I know you know how I feel. I’m sorry for the things I didn’t get to say. I really really really really miss you a lot.

Seemed like a crazy ass movie tbh… I know you saw me crying, u did, didn’t you? I mean I stood there crying… thinking I’ll never hear u talk again, knowing I’ll never see your face again. It’s crazy, but why’d u go though? Like I wasn’t even signed yet and u left. Why though

I miss having someone to call my Dad and my Dad alone. No one calls me son anymore. No one calls me Lekan the way you do
See I remember that day, I watched them clean you, dress you, like strangers were in your room and you didn’t even move an inch.

I’m trying to understand it. Lol.. I can’t even come close to rationalizing any of it. I heard your voice though, on your Wife’s phone. She misses you a lot too. We were going through her phone and we found a voice recording of you guys talking. I bet she listens to it everyday."

See some of the reactions below...

@peperenpe13 wrote, “I cried reading this, Laycon am not suprise about all the love u re receiving frm people now…u deserve it”

@BussyBee6 wrote, “Awwwww!!!!had goosebumps reading this, your dad is smiling down from above, watching you take giant steps and writing your name in the sand-prints of time!!!!! the world ain’t ready for your greatness Laycon,continue to soar higher and conquer the world!!!!”

@nick_nake wrote “Who brought this to my Attended??
Its Early in the morning, I CNT be all Emotional reading this”

@AdenikeWaliyah wrote “This hit me differently! My dad is alive but I can’t stop my tears. I didn’t even intend to cry, but…. Olamilekan Agbeleshebioba Moshood, may you be victorious, may you triumph Face with look of triumph. You see this show you are on, you will win and be declared winner, you will excel afterwards. ILY”

@Moni_Hee wrote “I can not fathom all that you went through but I want you to know that You are a Conqueror, a Victor and a Survivor. You are a Shining Star that can never go dim.. May you live long, prosper and attain that height which your Dad couldn’t get to. Papa must be so proud of You”

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