This Will Bring Tears To Your Eye" - Father of Brilliant student who had 7 A1s in WAEC Reavels How His Daughter Died

This Will Bring Tears To Your Eye" - Father of Brilliant student who had 7 A1s in WAEC Reavels How His Daughter Died


Recently Sad News Broke out when an Intelligent Student with Seven A1s in her 2019 WAEC Exams Died after she Battled her Illness for over a year. 

Posting in His Social Media Space, Her Father Narrated how Brilliant she is and how she endured through the Illness that started as just a Leg pain to terrible pains that made her face horrible Experiences. With Sweet Encouraging words Her Father added how she died a Day before his Birthday.

According to his Lengthy Statement coupled with several photos from moments of her in the hospital, He said he had to travel her out of Nigeria to South Africa because of the Lack of Good Health Facilities.

To Toching The bereaved father wrote:


Just like a dream.

But the realities are crystal now

Just a pain on the leg.

That snowballed to a devastating episode,

The battle started earnestly 

I hear you call daddy my leg is paining me.

I watch as you lie abed with pains

As restless and worried as I can be,

I promised to do everything humanly possible

With glaring poor health care in Nigeria

off we went to South Africa.

We were happy at your initial recovery.

Not knowing the war was just to begin

We fought it together for more than a year in SA,

You were an embodiment of intelligence of inestimable value

Above all an indefatigable personality 

Courageous in the face of glaring uncertainty.

You were strong and philosophical

My strength and motivation even in sickness 

You wanted your dad freed while you go on to rest,

In the bosom of our Lord 

Where there is no more pain

You spoke in parables about a special gift 10 days earlier,

and left a day to my birthday.

Never did I know your special birthday gift,

You promised was your Glorious exit.

You exhibited your virtuoso and dazzling intellects, 

to the bewilderment of the doctors at Wits Donald Gordon Hospital Parktown Johannesburg South Africa

Today your name is written in Gold over there.  

Like a shining light in the tunnel,

having a dream for an African Child,

with less privilege and opportunity like you,

to access good health care.

This your dream I must ensure 

Forever the strong one's been you.

Physically no more but everywhere with us

We are with you, you are with us

Farewell to His glory Enyinnia

Daddy's Girl 

always in our hearts, 

you will remain.

Prof. Felix Chukwuneke

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