"Millitary Can't Stoop Low" DHQ React After Sunday Igboho Caught Some Spies Trying To Attack Him In His House. (Video)

"Millitary Can't Stoop Low" DHQ React After Sunday Igboho Caught Some Spies Trying To Attack Him In His House. (Video)

The Defence Headquarters has stated that the military cannot stoop to such low levels as to spy on a single individual, as the activist Sunday Igboho, whose real name is Sunday Adeyemo, has claimed.

In a statement released on Saturday, Acting Defence Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Benard Onyeuko stated this in response to reports that military personnel were caught spying on Sunday Igboho's home.

Soldiers were accused of conducting a survey of Sunday Igboho's residence in Soka, Ibadan, according to a viral video, Onyeuko said.

The activist also claimed that the so-called soldiers' actions were orchestrated by the Federal Government in response to comments he made alleging that Yoruba people were no longer part of Nigeria, according to the spokesman.

“While the Defence Headquarters has no interest dragging or joining issues with Sunday Adeyemo or his associates, it is pertinent to clear the air and address these allegations squarely,” the statement reads.

“For the records, it should be noted that the Armed Forces of Nigeria, are highly professional in the discharge of their duties, with well-defined roles, responsibilities and duties in its mandate of securing the territorial integrity of the Nigerian Nation.

“As such, the Military cannot stoop so low to such extent to “spy” on one individual, as wildly and loosely alleged.

“Secondly, the Armed Forces of Nigeria is a highly disciplined and professional organisation with extant laws and regulations which guide the actions of its personnel in the conduct of their duties.

“As such, it is practically impossible for military personnel on official duty to conduct themselves in such manner as alleged by Adeyemo and his cohorts.” 

According to preliminary investigation, one of the alleged soldiers was a serial impersonator, according to Onyeuko.

According to eyewitnesses and sources, some of the activist's associates went on the hunt for some individuals when the motorbike carrying the impersonator and a Nigerian Air Force official collided with them.

According to him, the two were apprehended right away and taken to Sunday Igboho's house, where they were labeled spies.

“Furthermore, investigations are currently underway by Nigerian Air Force and the Nigerian Army to unravel the actual circumstances which played out on the day,” the statement added.

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