Suspected Herdsmen Allegedly Attacked Yoruba Activist Sunday Igboho Mother's Residence.

Suspected Herdsmen Allegedly Attacked Yoruba Activist Sunday Igboho Mother's Residence.

On Sunday, March 21, suspected "Fulani men" allegedly attacked Sunday Igboho's mother's home.

Olayomi Koiki, a spokesman for Igboho, announced the news on Twitter late Sunday night.

“Chief Sunday Adeyemo’s mother’s house at Igboho was invaded by three Fulani men this evening around 7:54pm." he wrote.

The claim was backed up by Femi Fani-Kayode. One of the suspects had been apprehended, he said.

"I just spoke to Sunday Igboho & he told me that 2 foreign Fulani terrorists were apprehended in his mother's home in Igboho, Oyo state this evening.Their mission was to harm Mama. One of them escaped whilst the other is with the police.Those that sent them are playing with fire!

Here is the one that was caught. He is with the police right now. Sadly the other escaped.

First of all they burnt down Sunday's house in Ibadan. Secondly a soldier and a fake soldier were caught spying on his Ibadan home. Thirdly two terrorists are caught sneaking into his mothers home with a clear intention to harm her." FFK tweeted.

This is a man whose input brought peace to our nation just two weeks ago and helped to bring to an end the Northern embargo of food to the South after he guaranteed the peace and security of innocent Nigerian Fulanis in the SW.

I am appealing to those who are behind these provocations against his person & reckless attacks to desist from this nonsense. Sunday is a heroic figure in the South West and by far the most powerful, vocal and popular figure in Yorubaland today. Harming him or his family members will not augur well for the peace and stability of our nation.

Recall that three terrorists were caught in Sunday Igbho's mothers house and not two. One was caught and two escaped.

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