'He Was A Character' Adunni Ade Mourns Late Osmond Gbadebo

'He Was A Character' Adunni Ade Mourns Late Osmond Gbadebo

Adunni Ade, a popular actress, took to Instagram to pay respect to Osmond Gbadebo, who died lately. Gbadebo was a Yoruba cinema director and actor before his death. He was claimed to have fallen ill and was gradually recovering before passing away.

Adunni stated she doesn't know how to grieve the deceased other than to be silent to herself and recite words of prayer for the fallen while grieving the actor on her Instagram page. Adunni claimed she found out about the actor's death when she woke up this morning.

Adunni Ade, while underlining the need of keeping an eye on others, remarked that people sometimes get caught up in their own life and forget to keep a watch on others. She last saw the actor around a year ago, when he was just getting back on his feet following his illness.

The actress recounted all of the nice things the late actor had done for her, including how he completely understood her and how he would always pamper her on every project they were working on together.

Adunni ended her speech by wishing the late actor a good night's sleep and wishing him the best of luck. The late Gbadebo, according to the actress, lived his life to the fullest. May the late actor's soul rest in peace.

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