Iyabo Ojo And Toyin Lawani Settles Their Fight

Iyabo Ojo And Toyin Lawani Settles Their Fight

Popular actress Iyabo Ojo,  has reunited with Toyin Lawani, her renowned stylist and friend.

In April,  the two best friends had split up over an unknown problem.

Actress Iyabo Ojo cast a shade at Toyin Lawani when she hauled Laura Ikeji on the Real Housewives of Lagos reality program, which might be blamed for their separation.

Laura Ikeji had been chastised by Iyabo Ojo for demanding loyalty from her despite the fact that they had never been great friends.

Taking a shot at her ex-bff, she wondered what Toyin may have said to Laura to get her so enraged that she slapped someone three times.

She also made fun of Toyin by calling her "gbegboru," which means "gossip" in English.

In fact, Toyin Lawani hinted at their failing friendship when she declared love for Laura Ikeji, Iyabo Ojo's lintel.

Since the event, the two have unfollowed each other on Instagram and appear to have broken up.

Actress Toyin Lawani also rejected Iyabo Ojo's daughter's latest achievement.

This confirmed that the two are at odds, since Toyin Lawani has always been among the first to greet Iyabo Ojo's children on their major achievements, especially Priscilla's.

Popular actresses Iyabo and Toyin, on the other hand, appeared to have healed their issues after visiting their respective pages that they had re-followed each other.

Actress Iyabo Ojo also took to Instagram to share how she became ill during Toyin Lawani's event but had to put on a brave face and be there for her friend.

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