Lisa-Rinret Moses-Scouty, a 24-year-old Plateau indigene, stormed her 'white wedding' in an all-black gown in an Evangelical Church Winning All, Jenta Mangoro branch in Jos.

In an interview with Godfrey George, the new bride, Lisa-Rinret, stated that her husband was fully supportive of the action.

She said:

"This is because I am black rather than white" (laughs). That was a lighter note. I'm not sure if it's a requirement to wear a white gown to a wedding".

"I consider the wedding day to be a joyful occasion, and so a person should do whatever makes them happy on that day".

"For the record, my favorite color is black. I'm not sure if the day would have been as happy for me if I hadn't worn the black dress I wore".

"This is because I will be doing what everyone else is doing, which is something I am not known for. I enjoy doing things differently and changing the narrative".

"I believe someone wore a white wedding gown, and others saw it and copied it. As a result, I believe it is only fair to allow each bride to use her preferred color for her wedding day, which is why I chose black"

When asked if her husband was aware of her choice?

Lisa-Rinret said:

"My husband was completely aware. I was looking for a way to tell him I didn't want a white gown for my wedding, but I didn't have the courage to do so because I was afraid of what he might say. But, while we were making wedding plans, he casually mentioned that he would be delighted if I wore a black gown on our wedding day. I wasn't sure if I heard him correctly. "Do you know how happy you'll make me if you wear a black dress for me on that day?" he said again.

"That day, my joy knew no bounds. I had already purchased white fabric and my friend was working on a white gown, but with this new development, I immediately called her and asked her to hold on to that. We had to go out and buy black material instead of the white one we had planned to use. His uncle was also aware of the arrangement but made no objections".

Why didn't her husband wear a wedding suit?

She said:

"It was all planned. We both desired something different, something out of the ordinary. My husband is not the type to wear a suit. He rarely wore a suit during the three years I knew him well, and even when I saw him from a distance" 

"In fact, I've never seen him dressed up. I even imagined him wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers to our wedding. It was incredible to watch him 'rock' that agbada"

According to the belief that the color black brings bad luck and should only be worn for mourning:

She said:

"I believe that what you believe in works for you. So, if the color black represents a bad omen for others, that's fine. Black represents power, boldness, elegance, strength, and sophistication to me".

"Recently, I've seen people wear white to funerals. Should I say they're ecstatic about their loss? People who say that should reconsider the meaning of the color black. Even if black represents a "bad omen," that is what some people decided. Does this mean that because we have black skin, we are a bad omen? Don't you see how flawed that argument is? God created all of these colors, and I chose one to be my favorite. What's the problem with that, please?"

Denying the claim that she chose a black gown because she couldn't afford a white wedding gown:

She replies:

"No, no, it wasn't. I would have rented or made a white gown, but I would not have been as happy as I was on my wedding day. The black lace I used was nothing like the white lace I had previously purchased, but my love for black was stronger"

She finished by explaining how she persuaded her bridal train to wear the black gown with her:

She said:

"They are my friends, and they came to celebrate with me. This means they will go to any length to ensure my happiness on my special day. I didn't need any persuasion. I just told them I wanted them to wear black to my wedding and I went out and got the material for them. They had no idea I'd be wearing a black gown as well. It was a secret between me, my fiance, and the friend who made the outfit at the time."

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