“you Are A Champion Among Women” Funsho Adeoti Applauds Funke Akindele

“you Are A Champion Among Women” Funsho Adeoti Applauds Funke Akindele

Funsho Adeoti, who is known as the senior wife of Mercy Aigbe's husband, Kazim Adeoti, has praised Funke Akindele for breaking barriers and running for political office in Lagos, Nigeria. Despite losing the election, Funke's courage and dedication have been celebrated by colleagues, fans, and supporters, including Ibrahim Chatta and Alesh Sanni.

In her commendation, Funsho Adeoti described Funke as a champion among women, emphasizing her strength, determination, and perseverance. Funsho noted that champions believe in themselves even when no one else does, and Funke's confidence in her abilities is an admirable quality that should be celebrated.

Furthermore, Funsho Adeoti stated that Funke Akindele is a woman worth celebrating, and her impact goes beyond just the entertainment industry. Funke's decision to run for political office is a testament to her desire to create positive change in society, and her efforts should be appreciated.

Finally, Funsho Adeoti wished Funke a happy and blessed week, encouraging her to continue being an inspiration to women everywhere. Overall, Funsho's words of admiration for Funke Akindele highlight the importance of breaking barriers and celebrating women's achievements in all fields, including politics and entertainment.

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