Tinubu's Cabinet to be Unveiled Within 60 Days, Reveals Faleke

Tinubu's Cabinet to be Unveiled Within 60 Days, Reveals Faleke

In an exclusive interview with Channels Television, James Faleke, the secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential campaign council, disclosed a significant development in President Bola Tinubu's administration. According to Faleke, President Tinubu is set to unveil his cabinet members within a concise timeframe of 60 days. This revelation comes as a testament to Tinubu's commitment to swift action and delivering on his promises of a revitalized nation under his leadership.

Faleke, speaking passionately from the prestigious Eagle Square where President Tinubu took his oath of office, emphasized the President's determination to chart a new course for the country. Faleke reiterated that Tinubu's guiding principle of 'Renewed Hope' will manifest in tangible ways through the composition of his cabinet. The upcoming cabinet announcement is expected to reflect Tinubu's vision and priorities for Nigeria's future.

While Faleke acknowledged that President Tinubu has the freedom to reveal his cabinet members at any given time, he underscored the legal requirement for this action to occur within the first 60 days of his presidency. The 60-day window, enshrined in the law, serves as a clear timeline for President Tinubu to assemble his team of trusted individuals who will contribute to the nation's development and prosperity.

As anticipation builds, Nigerians eagerly await the unveiling of President Tinubu's cabinet, eagerly speculating on the individuals who will assume key positions and drive the transformative agenda forward. The 60-day deadline sets the stage for an early glimpse into Tinubu's administration and its trajectory, as he seeks to make an indelible mark on the nation's governance and shape its future.

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