Funke Glorious Extends Olive Branch, Seeking Peace After Fiery Clash with Yinka Alaseyori

Funke Glorious Extends Olive Branch, Seeking Peace After Fiery Clash with Yinka Alaseyori

In a surprising turn of events, Nigerian gospel singer Funke Glorious has publicly expressed remorse and offered an apology to her fellow artist Yinka Alaseyori. The apology comes after Funke accused Yinka of copyright infringement, sparking a heated exchange between the two musicians.

In a captured online video, Funke had accused Yinka of allegedly stealing her song, and she voiced her frustration with what she perceived as a pattern of song theft by Yinka, who would then feign innocence. She called on those close to Yinka to caution her, emphasizing that her silence on the matter should not be mistaken for ignorance, as she possesses the copyright to her songs.

However, in a recent update, Funke Glorious took a different approach by advocating for peace and issuing a heartfelt apology to Yinka. She acknowledged that her emotions had overwhelmed her, leading her to utter words that did not align with her Christian values.

Funke emphasized her admiration for Yinka, describing her as a sister and a musician whom she greatly admires. She asserted her unwavering support for Yinka, stating that she does not wish for her downfall and harbors no envy towards her.

In her own words, Funke Glorious declared, "I, FUNKE GLORIOUS, acknowledge that I was overwhelmed by my emotions, hence I uttered words that were not in line with a good light. For this act of mine, I am deeply sorry! Minister Adeyinka Alaseyori is like a sister to me. I have always been supportive and a die-hard fan before the misunderstanding surfaced. I do not wish for her to fall, nor am I envious of her. LET PEACE REIGN."

As the apology and call for peace reverberate within the gospel music community, it remains to be seen how this gesture will impact the relationship between the two artists and the wider music industry.

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