“i Am Reporting A Threat To My Life” Actor Damola Olatunji Raises Alarm

“i Am Reporting A Threat To My Life” Actor Damola Olatunji Raises Alarm

Nollywood actor Damola Olatunji recently took to Instagram to share a disturbing incident that has left him fearing for his life. While in London, Damola claims that a mysterious woman approached him and whispered ominous words into his ear, accompanied by physical touch.

According to Damola, the woman ominously stated that if she manages to "hook" him, it would cost him his life. Startled and alarmed by the encounter, the actor now finds himself contemplating whether or not to report the incident to the police.

In his Instagram post, Damola expressed his fear and confusion, seeking clarification on the meaning behind the woman's unsettling statement. He quoted her words as, "Ti mo ba ki yin mole, emi yin a fe bo," and expressed uncertainty about the potential danger he may be in.

Feeling threatened, Damola contemplated involving Nigeria's Department of State Services (DSS) and the police to ensure his safety. However, for the time being, the actor revealed that he is on the run, presumably to safeguard himself from any potential harm.

This incident has sent shockwaves through the Nollywood community and raised concerns about the safety and security of public figures. Damola's followers and fans are eagerly awaiting further updates on the situation and hoping for a swift resolution to this distressing ordeal.

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