Foluke Daramola Sounds the Alarm for Ailing Veteran Actress in Desperate Need

Foluke Daramola Sounds the Alarm for Ailing Veteran Actress in Desperate Need

Renowned Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola, has taken to social media to rally support for veteran actress Obiqgheli Molobe, who is currently facing a severe health crisis. Known for her compassionate nature towards ailing colleagues in the industry, Foluke expressed deep concern over Obiqgheli's deteriorating health.

During an Instagram live video, Foluke passionately appealed to the public for financial assistance for Obiqgheli and her children. The veteran actress has been afflicted with a partial stroke, leading to paralysis in her right hand and foot. Foluke disclosed that Obiqgheli had previously undergone surgery and now has an iron implant in her leg. Additionally, Obiqgheli was managing diabetes and high blood pressure prior to her current condition.

Recalling the events that led to her partial stroke diagnosis, Obiqgheli shared her heartbreaking experience. She expressed how she lost the ability to use her right foot following an unfortunate incident, leaving her in a state of partial paralysis.

Foluke Daramola, deeply moved by Obiqgheli's plight, emphasized the urgency of the situation and reiterated the need for financial support to alleviate the veteran actress's medical and financial burdens.

Obiqgheli Molobe, celebrated for her iconic motherly role in the television series "Checkmate" alongside notable actors such as RMD and Bob Manuel, now finds herself in a challenging battle against her deteriorating health.

Foluke's heartfelt plea for assistance has resonated throughout the Nollywood community, raising awareness of the hardships faced by veteran actors and the importance of providing them with the necessary support during times of crisis

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