“Yorubas Throw The Best Parties" Mercy Aigbe Declares

“Yorubas Throw The Best Parties" Mercy Aigbe Declares

Nollywood actress Mercy Aigbe has showered praise on Yoruba parties, declaring them the absolute best. The popular movie star recently attended a colleague's birthday celebration, where she had an unforgettable experience.

Mercy Aigbe expressed her sheer excitement at being served Hot Amala, a delicious Nigerian dish made from yam flour, inside a traditional 'Ikoko Irin' (small pot). Accompanied by assorted meats, the meal left her thoroughly impressed. She also highlighted the exceptional quality of the souvenirs she received at the event.

The mother of two fondly recalled another party where she was surprised with bread as a souvenir, which she described as fresh and incredibly satisfying. Amused by the wide range of souvenirs offered at Yoruba parties, Mercy Aigbe playfully proclaimed that there is nothing they cannot share with guests.

In her own words, she declared, "Yorubas throw the best parties! No cap. What! Hot Amala, inside Ikoko Irin... With fresh fish and 'inside meat,' 'orisirisi' with 'Ogufe' (goat meat). The souvenirs nko? The other day fresh hit sweet bread was shared as a souvenir at a party! Nothing they cannot share as souvenirs."

Mercy Aigbe's enthusiastic endorsement of Yoruba parties highlights the rich cultural traditions and culinary delights associated with these celebrations. Her delightful experience with the delectable Hot Amala and the unique souvenirs exemplifies the attention to detail and hospitality that make Yoruba parties stand out.

As an influential figure in the Nigerian entertainment industry, Mercy Aigbe's appreciation for Yoruba parties further amplifies their reputation and allure. Her joyful account serves as a testament to the vibrant and memorable experiences that await attendees at these cultural gatherings.

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