"Davido Is Not My Child's Father" Anita Brown Drops Pregnancy Bomb

"Davido Is Not My Child's Father" Anita Brown Drops Pregnancy Bomb

Swimwear entrepreneur and self-proclaimed alleged pregnant side chick of music superstar Davido, Anita Brown, has come forward with explosive allegations. Anita has declared that Davido is dead to her and vehemently denied that he is the father of her unborn child.

In a series of social media rants, Anita issued a stern warning to Davido's fans, urging them to cease contacting her as she wants no part of the singer in her life or the life of her child. She unapologetically pronounced him dead, urging his fans to move on and let her be.

In one of her tweets, Anita labeled Davido's fans as delusional, reiterating her lack of concern for the singer. She asserted that her unborn child already has a new father, calling upon Davido to take responsibility and control his fans' behavior.

Anita further expressed her frustration at the constant intrusion, emphasizing that she is currently in the United States and that she considers the matter irrelevant. She accused Davido of giving out her personal phone number, leading to unwanted attention. In no uncertain terms, she conveyed her indifference towards him, asserting that their association holds no significance in her life.

These shocking revelations from Anita Brown have set the internet ablaze, leaving fans and followers in disbelief. As the alleged side chick claims Davido's demise in their relationship and denies his paternity, the public eagerly awaits any response from the music star himself.

see her tweet below:

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