Social Media Abuzz as Celebrity Chef Hilda Baci Visits Elegushi Palace

Social Media Abuzz as Celebrity Chef Hilda Baci Visits Elegushi Palace

social media platforms are buzzing with warnings and admiration as renowned celebrity chef Hilda Baci makes a grand entrance into the palace of the Elegushi of Ikate Kingdom, Oba Ademola Elegushi.

Videos shared by Hilda Baci herself showcase the momentous occasion as the esteemed monarch honors her in the presence of friends and associates from the palace. The footage has garnered lovely reactions from netizens, with many applauding her talent for connecting with royalty. Additionally, Baci received praise for her impeccable choice of attire, deemed fitting for an audience with a king.

While a wave of positive responses floods the comments section, a few cautious voices emerge. Some individuals raised concerns about the potential risks associated with becoming a king's wife, pointing to the example of Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi of Ife, who is already married to over five wives.

Naijafood expressed their admiration, noting that talent and hard work can lead to encounters with kings. Adanze appreciated Baci's sense of fashion, highlighting her ability to choose the perfect outfit for every occasion. On the other hand, Dclutter advised Baci to greet the monarch and promptly depart, suggesting that she should not overstay her welcome.

Amidst the reactions, one netizen, Mother's Daughter, pleaded for Baci's protection, expressing concern that she might be lured into the Ooni of Ife's palace. Another user, Stayinnigeria, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding Baci from any potential unwanted suitors.

As social media users share their mixed responses to Hilda Baci's visit to the Elegushi palace, the discussion continues to evolve. While her talent and recognition are applauded, cautionary voices remind everyone of the complexities and potential pitfalls of entering into royal relationships.

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