Lagos State Hospital Confirms Mohbad Was Brought In Dead

Lagos State Hospital Confirms Mohbad Was Brought In Dead

Perez Medcare Hospital, where the late singer Mohbad was reportedly taken, has issued a statement to clarify the circumstances surrounding his death. Addressing misleading information circulating on social media, the hospital confirmed that Mohbad was brought in dead to their facility.

In their statement posted on Instagram, the hospital stated that at approximately 4:30 pm on September 12, 2023, Mohbad's lifeless body was brought to their medical facility. Their medical team promptly attended to the situation and conducted an assessment, which revealed no signs of life. They noted the absence of a central or peripheral pulse, heartbeat, recordable vital signs, and observed fixed and dilated pupils. When cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) was attempted, rigor mortis was observed, indicating that the singer had already passed away. Consequently, the individuals who brought him to the hospital were informed that it was a case of "Brought in dead" (BID).

The hospital inquired about the circumstances leading to the emergency and learned that the deceased had been receiving treatment at home from a nurse who administered injections. As a result, the hospital advised that Mohbad's body be taken to the nearest government hospital, where it could be placed in the morgue.

Perez Medcare Hospital emphatically stated that Mohbad was not their patient and had never been admitted to their facility at any time. Furthermore, they clarified that the nurse responsible for administering treatment at his home was not affiliated with Perez Medcare Hospital. The hospital also stressed that the circulating video in which Mohbad appeared to be alive and receiving treatment did not originate from Perez Medcare Hospital.

This statement from the hospital aims to provide accurate information and dispel rumors surrounding the tragic passing of the young artist.

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