"Mohbad’s Son Looks Too Much Like Samlarry, The Child Needs A DNA Test" Kemi Olunloyo

"Mohbad’s Son Looks Too Much Like Samlarry, The Child Needs A DNA Test" Kemi Olunloyo

Nigerian journalist Kemi Olunloyo has ignited a fresh debate by reiterating the need for a DNA test to determine the paternity of the late singer Mohbad's child. Olunloyo pointed out the striking resemblance between the child and Samlarry, who had previously been accused of assaulting Mohbad during his lifetime.

In her latest statement, Olunloyo emphasized her suspicions that the child may not be biologically related to Mohbad and insisted on a DNA test to definitively establish paternity. She suggested that if the child is found not to be Mohbad's, the earnings generated by the late singer's music should be kept away from his wife, Wunmi.

Olunloyo stated, "Mohbad's baby needs a DNA test to know who fathered him. The kid looks too much like Sam. It started as a joke, but the Music Estate is too big. If it's not Mohbad's son, keep that money away from Wunmi. #Kemitalksđź—Ł️ #ripmohbad #Justice4Mohbad."

She further revealed that Mohbad's music estate is estimated to be worth approximately N700 million (around $690,000), and Naira Marley owes him N300 million in song royalties.

Olunloyo proposed that if paternity is established, the late singer's music assets should be placed in a trust fund until the child reaches the age of 18. She also advocated for a court-appointed probate lawyer to oversee the music assets if Naira Marley releases the funds, anticipating a potentially bitter legal battle.

Olunloyo urged artists to carefully consider their record deals and contract terms, emphasizing the importance of understanding the implications of breaking a contract, citing Mohbad's case as an example.

As the controversy continues, Olunloyo's statements have stirred discussions about paternity, financial matters, and the future of Mohbad's music estate, adding another layer of complexity to the late singer's legacy.

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