Mohbad's Step-Mother Unveils Startling Reason Behind His Bent Neck

Mohbad's Step-Mother Unveils Startling Reason Behind His Bent Neck

A touching video has emerged, featuring the step-mother of the late singer Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba, famously known as Mohbad, explaining the circumstances surrounding the bending of the late singer's neck. This revelation has left fans and the music community mourning the young and talented artist.

According to her account, during a ritual in the Cherubim and Seraphim church, a prophet anointed Mohbad's head with oil. However, when the prophet released Mohbad's head, his neck became bent. This has been a subject of curiosity among fans, and the explanation sheds light on this mysterious occurrence.

Additionally, Mr. Joseph Aloba, the father of the late singer, has provided insights into the swift burial of his son. He explained that Yoruba culture dictates that a deceased person's burial should not be delayed when both of their parents are still living. If Mohbad had passed away at an older age, the option of preserving his remains in a mortuary might have been considered.

Mr. Aloba further revealed that Mohbad owned the land where he was buried and had generously given it to his father to build a church. This gesture underscores the strong bond between father and son.

Mr. Aloba also shared some personal insights into his son's life, highlighting that Mohbad was a kind-hearted child who supported his father. However, he expressed concerns about how his son's earnings were managed, indicating that his wife and her family had significant control over his finances.

In this touching narrative, Mr. Aloba reminisced about his close relationship with Mohbad, describing him as his best friend and partner. He revealed that they collaborated on composing songs, and Mohbad had promised to return to gospel music later in life.

This story not only sheds light on the mystery surrounding Mohbad's neck but also provides a glimpse into the complexities of his personal and family life, adding depth to the understanding of the late singer's legacy.

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