Major Traffic Changes Coming as Third Mainland Bridge Repair Starts on November 6

Major Traffic Changes Coming as Third Mainland Bridge Repair Starts on November 6

Starting from Monday, November 6, repair works will be initiated on the Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos, resulting in temporary traffic diversions. This update was confirmed by the Federal Controller of Works, Lagos State, Olukorede Kesha.

Kesha urged motorists to explore alternative routes to prevent traffic congestion, especially along the Adekunle ramps of the Third Mainland Bridge. The repair work, commencing on November 6, will first focus on the closure of the Adekunle exit ramp at 9:00 am for two weeks of rehabilitation, followed by work on other areas.

Kesha explained that the Adekunle section of the bridge features four ramps converging at a single point, and the repair process for all ramps is expected to be completed within five weeks. She emphasized that the Third Mainland Bridge remains accessible for most commuters, except those specifically heading towards Adekunle from the bridge.

To mitigate disruptions, Kesha encouraged motorists to use alternative routes such as Carter Bridge, Gbagada, Ikorodu Road, Ojota, and Funsho Williams Avenue. Signage has been strategically placed to guide drivers, and traffic officials will be present to assist road users.

The controller stressed the importance of patience and adherence to traffic rules during the repair period, which encompasses tasks like resurfacing the entire bridge, replacing expansion joints, and installing solar lighting. Additionally, damaged road furniture, including guardrails, will be replaced, and the public is urged to be vigilant and report any instances of vandalism of public assets.

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