R.M.D. Celebrates 23 Years Of Marriage With Wife In Heartwarming Post

R.M.D. Celebrates 23 Years Of Marriage With Wife In Heartwarming Post

Renowned Nollywood actor Richard Mofe-Damijo, widely known as R.M.D., recently took to his Instagram to commemorate a remarkable 23 years of marriage with his wife. In a heartwarming post, R.M.D. shared a delightful picture capturing a moment of shared laughter between the couple.

The photo, accompanied by the soulful melody of Timi Dakolo's love song "Iyawo Mi," created a joyous atmosphere as the couple celebrated their enduring love. Expressing his surprise at reaching the impressive milestone of 23 years together, R.M.D. affectionately referred to his wife as "Abiks" in the touching caption, revealing a more intimate side of the actor known for his powerful on-screen presence.

This celebration is not the first time R.M.D. has taken to social media to express his love for his enduring marriage. Last year, on their 22nd anniversary, he shared a heartfelt message, expressing gratitude for their journey together. In 2021, he marked their 21st anniversary with an Instagram post proclaiming his deep affection for his life partner.

Adding to the celebration of their life journey, R.M.D. made headlines on January 20, 2023, as he celebrated his wife's 51st birthday. Despite complying with her clear-cut instructions not to share her picture, R.M.D. creatively navigated the situation by posting a picture of himself and playfully mentioning his wife's aversion to surprises.

In his birthday tribute, R.M.D. expressed profound love for his wife, stating that she brings joy to his life and unequivocally asserting that her love is not just cherished by him but by everyone around them. The actor's public declarations of love and commitment continue to captivate fans, showcasing a heartwarming aspect of his life beyond the silver screen.

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