Veteran actress Abeni Agbon showers praise as Kamo State raises over 4 million for her within 3 days.

Veteran actress Abeni Agbon showers praise as Kamo State raises over 4 million for her within 3 days.

Comedian Kamo State has emerged as a beacon of hope for veteran actresses Abeni Agbon and Mama Tamotiye, as he successfully mobilized fans to raise funds to support their financial needs. The heartwarming initiative drew widespread appreciation and support from fans who rallied behind the cause.

The journey began with a heartfelt plea from actress Oladiran Toyin, popularly known as Abeni Agbon, who took to social media to highlight her urgent need for financial assistance. In a video shared on Temilola Sobola's page, Abeni Agbon could be seen passionately appealing to her fans, both locally and internationally, to come to her aid during her time of need.

Responding to the call for assistance, Kamo State, along with his supporters, embarked on a fundraising campaign to alleviate the financial burdens faced by Abeni Agbon and Mama Tamotiye. In a previous video, Kamo State had announced the collection of 1.4 million naira, emphasizing the ongoing need for additional support.

Now, with overwhelming support from fans, Kamo State joyfully announced the remarkable achievement of raising over 4.1 million naira for Abeni Agbon and 900 thousand naira for Mama Tamotiye. This significant contribution not only addresses their immediate financial needs but also brings hope and stability to their lives.

Expressing his heartfelt gratitude, Kamo State took to social media to thank fans for their unwavering support and generosity. He shared the joyous news of Abeni Agbon's newfound status as a business owner, made possible through the collective efforts of supporters. The comedian's message resonated with fans, who celebrated the positive impact of their contributions on the lives of these veteran actresses.

As the heartwarming story continues to unfold, Kamo State's initiative serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative impact of collective compassion and support within the entertainment community.

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