Nigerian Labour Congress Initiates Protest Against National Hardship

Nigerian Labour Congress Initiates Protest Against National Hardship

In a proactive response to the widespread hardship experienced by citizens, the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has launched a protest campaign aimed at drawing attention to pressing socio-economic issues. The decision to protest follows the issuance of a joint 14-day nationwide strike notice by the NLC and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) on February 8.

The strike notice was issued in light of the government's failure to fulfill agreements reached on October 2, particularly concerning the removal of fuel subsidy. Despite previous negotiations, the anticipated resolutions have not been implemented, prompting the labor unions to escalate their action.

Today, members of the NLC were observed actively participating in the protest at the Computer Village area of Ikeja, Lagos State. The demonstration serves as a visible expression of discontent and dissatisfaction with the prevailing economic conditions, with protesters demanding immediate action from the government to address the issues at hand.

The protest signals a collective effort by NLC members to amplify their voices and advocate for tangible solutions to the challenges facing the nation. As the demonstrations continue, the NLC remains resolute in its commitment to championing the welfare and interests of workers and citizens across Nigeria.

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