"I Wasn't Getting Roles Until I Met Ruth Kadiri," Actor Chidi Dike Reveals.

"I Wasn't Getting Roles Until I Met Ruth Kadiri," Actor Chidi Dike Reveals.

Rising star Chidi Dike opens up about his journey in the film industry and the significant influence of actress Ruth Kadiri on his career trajectory. Speaking to Punch in a recent interview, Dike reveals the challenges he faced breaking into acting, particularly due to his limited network within the industry.

Initially grappling with the difficulty of securing roles despite his confidence in his talent, Dike's fortunes took a positive turn upon crossing paths with Ruth Kadiri. Kadiri's support and recognition of Dike's potential provided him with the breakthrough he needed, propelling him towards success within the competitive landscape of Nollywood.

In his interview, Dike shared, "Joining the movie industry was quite challenging. At first, I did not get many acting roles, because I did not know many people in the industry, but I believed I was talented. However, things changed when I met actress Ruth Kadiri."

Dike emphasizes the need for established figures in the industry to actively foster the development of emerging talent. He highlights the untapped potential of aspiring actors and urges producers and directors to invest time and resources into discovering and nurturing new faces.

"I think the industry will be a better place if producers and directors take more time to discover new talents because there are a lot out there. The old faces in the industry are already established. They should intentionally bring up younger ones, and build the next generation of artists. The industry will grow even bigger if they can invest in younger people," he said.

Dike's testimonial underscores the transformative power of mentorship and collaboration in propelling aspiring actors towards success. His advocacy for a more inclusive and supportive industry ethos resonates with the broader goal of nurturing talent and fostering growth within Nollywood.


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